Welcome to the dynamic realm of Near Field Communication (NFC), where speed, security, and reliability converge to redefine access control. At the forefront of cutting-edge technology, NFC offers an ideal solution for companies seeking robust security measures, allowing access only to trusted individuals.

The beauty of NFC is its versatility and reliability. NFC can be integrated into tags, mobile devices, key cards, or smartwatches. With Mercury Integrations we make your technology work for your specific needs.

How does it work?

NFC operates based on similar technology to radio frequency identification technology. Where RFID uses longer-range radio frequencies to communicate devices, NFC uses close-range magnetic fields.

What makes NFC so secure is the close contact required for communicating devices. NFC only has a maximum range of a few cm, which makes NFC harder to both intercept and replicate as it requires physical contact for devices to communicate.

Users are required to approach the NFC reader and make contact with their reciprocating device. This reduces the threat of entry over long distances. Our NFC security measures make use of both bluetooth and electromagnetic technology to ensure your safety.

NFC isn't just access control, it's so much more…

What makes this technology great for foot traffic regulation is that one reader is not limited to one receiver. Companies can assign multiple personalised receivers to trusted personnel to track and log who has entered secure areas.

By making use of an access system that requires a reader, you can keep tabs on who enters and exits secure areas as well as the frequency of their access to these secure areas.

NFC further promotes your security through both devices being required to accept information transfer which prevents the threat of intercepted or lost data.

Herewith trusted personnel can be supplied with a unique NFC responder that is tagged to them personally, that can be seen on your access control software and that can monitor their movements through controlled areas.

Access control software can also tag unsuccessful access attempts - meaning you are able to track suspicious activity if unauthorised personnel are constantly trying to gain access.

Why choose NFC over any other form of access control:

  1. Mechanical keys are the standard, but these are easily lost, mishandled due to human error and they are inexpensively copied.
  2. Pin pads are another form of age-old tech, but these pose a security risk due to the code being compromised if someone is watching you, or if the code is forgotten.
  3. Magnetic strike cards function well but have a limited life-span due to damage on the magnetic strip.
  4. LF cards are very similar to cards that carry an NFC transmitter, however, LF cards are easily cloned as they communicate to all receiving devices in a nearby area.

NFC reduces the risk of interception and replication, prioritising your security to safeguard your assets and your staff. Join us on a journey where innovation meets security, and NFC emerges as the ultimate choice for access control in today's fast-paced world.