Intrusion Detection

Intruder Detection

Clearvu | Virtual Perimeter Guard | Detect & Report | High Risk Areas | Intrusion Detection

Protect your property and or business with a virtual perimeter guard.

Our intrusion detection solutions automatically detects and reports intrusions, which means that you will never get caught by surprise. Ideal for high risk areas like farms, military bases, airports, power facilities, harbours and mines.

Clearvu fence surrounding military base

Intruder Alarms

Entry Detection | Home & Business | Alarm Installation | Customised Setup | Deterrents

Intruder alarms detect attempted intrusion or unauthorised entry into a house, space or location and initiate a response. 

Intruder alarms that are properly installed and managed may reduce the likelihood of organisations and individuals being victims of theft, vandalism, and other types of assault.

Alarm keypad mounted on face brick wall

Radar Detection

Intruder Identification | Wide Tracking | Extreme Weather | Location Pinpointing | Multi Person Detection

Radar is suitable for tracking wide, exposed spaces with extreme weather and temperatures, and where the perimeter landscape is too difficult for only video surveillance cameras to be deployed.

This cutting-edge solution is ideal for locations such as ports, airports, and vast open industrial areas due to its dependability in all weathers, high detection angle, and ultra-accurate intruder detection capability. Radar security can offer accurate detection over a wide angle of 100°, and up to distances of 120m. 

Radar can pinpoint the exact location of intruders, giving direction as well as motion of travel. As radar is unaffected by weather, it works well with CCTV systems that are already installed. Radar is also effective in locating several intruders at the same time.

There are several modes available with radar installation that can be tailored to suit your locations, including filtering out false alerts like pets, shaking branches or heavy rainfall. Radar is not only ideal for industrial applications, but also suitable for home security.

Radar detection is reliable. It can trigger an alarm when intrusion is detected, but can also trigger video recording if set up with your camera system, assisting with visually identifying the intruder.

External radar detection beams installed on a house

Thermal Detection

Infrared Detection | Thermal Cameras | Weather Proof | On-board Analytics | Automated Reactions

Thermal cameras are an excellent – and cost-effective – solution for intrusion detection and property protection. They work because all objects produce a certain amount of infrared radiation as their temperature rises. They do not rely on a light source to detect heat.

It is possible to see heat zones using thermal cameras, which take advantage of temperature variations between objects to make invisible thermal radiation “visible.”

Low or no light does not impact the thermal camera’s image reproduction. Also, thermal cameras are less affected by weather conditions than visible light cameras. They may therefore be used in practically any location at any time. They can detect under any light environment, day or night. 

Thermal imaging offers a distinct edge when it comes to the analysis of video material. Even at vast distances, it produces images with crisp outlines that stand out clearly against the background. User-defined rules for line crossing, incursion, region entrance and exit may be set up easily with great accuracy.

As well as being able to identify events, thermal cameras may also be used to prevent criminal behaviour. Onboard analytics, for example, can activate pre-selected automated reactions, such as alarms, floodlights or a pre-recorded warning that will deter intruders when certain conditions are met. 

Thermal image of intruder climbing over fence

Night Vision

Indoor & Outdoor | Threat Detection | Clear Images | Property Protection | Low Light

Night vision security cameras can be mounted both indoors and outdoors.

The black and white night mode produces sharper, more realistic images of both animate and inanimate objects.

Night vision view of car parked on driveway

Sound Detection

Gun Shots | Breaking Glass | Decibel Reader | Incident Alerts | Home & Business

Many security incidents are preceded or initiated by some kind of noise.

If you are exposed to incidents that involve aggressive behaviour, gunshots or breaking glass, cameras with sound detection capabilities add great value to your security system.

Intruder punching window

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