Professional Services

Professional Services

VIP Protection

Our VIP Protection and Executive Protection services are designed to safeguard our clients and their families.


Internal investigations seek to learn the truth regarding allegations of wrongdoing within the business.

Missing Persons

Our combined approach includes specialist databases and time-tested expert forensic techniques.

Canine Deployment

We have a wide variety of trained K9’s and handlers to suit your needs. From premises guarding to narcotics detection.

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CCTV Surveillance

Surveillance Solutions

Deployable Surveillance

Deployable surveillance can be moved to any site, at any time, with minimal effort. Ideal for high-end mobile surveillance.

Licence Plate Recognition

Our fully automated licence plate recognition systems (ANPR), keeps record of all vehicles entering and leaving your location.

Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition solutions allow you to identify, verify, and recognise people through a fully automated system.

Mobile Surveillance

Whether you want to keep track of what your drivers and or passengers are doing, or protect your goods on the road.

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Intrusion Detection

Intruder Detection

Protect your property and or business with a virtual perimeter guard. Ideal for high risk areas like farms and military bases.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms detect attempted intrusion or unauthorised entry into a house, space or location and initiate a response.

Radar Detection

Radar is suitable for tracking wide, exposed spaces with extreme weather and difficult landscapes.

Thermal Detection

Thermal cameras are not reliant on visible light. They can detect under any environment, day or night.

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Biometric Scanning

Access Control

Human Barriers

From traditional turnstiles galvanised to fully automated glass & aluminium barriers. We serve multiple industries.

Vehicle Barriers

We offer our clients fully automated parking. Free entry & exit, manual, biometric and button operated vehicle barrier solutions.


With a vast range of access control products, we can customise your solution to fit your pocket and your needs.

NFC, Bluetooth, GSM

Our NFC & Keypad solutions don’t just secure your property, but also enables you to keep tabs on who enters and exits the premises.

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Consulting Services

Maritime Security

We provide a wide range of maritime surveillance services encompassing all facets of the maritime logistics chain.

Aviation Security

Inclusive the technological services, we also offer security screening on all airside and ground personnel.


With risk evaluation, intelligence assessments, we assist governments in assessing and prioritising security threats.

Port Authority

We offer advanced security plans to reduce the risks involved with port activities all over the world.

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Renewable Energy

Solar Solutions

The fact that fossil fuels are running out and getting more expensive, which leads to higher levels of load shedding, really makes you think about switching to renewable energy.

Hydro Energy Solutions

We offer a range of services related to the installation, maintenance, and repair of hydroelectric systems.

Wind Energy Solutions

We offer a range of services related to the installation, maintenance, and repair of hydroelectric systems.

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