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Maritime Security

We provide a wide range of maritime surveillance services encompassing all facets of the maritime logistics chain.

From handling the physical security needs of vessels and personnel, cargo, work sites, vital facilities, properties, to services in the port, coastal, and offshore environments.

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Aviation Security

All our security technologies, procedures, and activities adhere to applicable aviation security requirements as well as current industry practices. 

Inclusive of the technological side of these services, we also offer security screening and background checks are performed on all airside and ground personnel.

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With threat risk evaluation, intelligence assessments, we assist governments in assessing and prioritising security threats.

We provide practical security preparation and support services such as security program creation, production, and implementation.

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Port Authorities

We offer advanced and layered security plans to reduce the risks involved with shipping and port activities all over the world.

Our proposals include technological and physical security initiatives, crew recruitment and security preparation, and ongoing management consultation.

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Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies are constantly under the spotlight and face a lot of pressure with regards to new legislations and growing security risks.

Many of the most comprehensive change programs have been led, designed, and executed by our team of law enforcement experts over the years. This is done with complete transparency to regain, or deepen the communities trust within our law enforcement agencies.

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Corporate consulting begins with a thorough view of the organisation, the risks it encounters, and the danger level associated with each threat

We identify potential security breaches and advise on security solutions to best suit your businesses needs.

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Private clients rely on our experience and resources to meet their unique security needs and secure their products, equipment, consumers, and staff from security threats.

This kind of security is ideal for places of retail businesses, places of education, office blocks to places of worship and national heritage sites. 

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