AJAX – Relay


Wireless low-current dry contact relay

Wireless dry contact relay helps to control low current equipment remotely with an Ajax app. It features an additional pulse equipment control function and executes automation scenarios.

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  • Communicates at a distance of up to 1,000 m from the hub
  • Features a pulse equipment control function
  • Executes automation scenarios
  • Compact body size allows for inconspicuous installation

Tech Specs:

  • Compatibility: all hubs & ReX • Radio communication range: up to 1,000 m
  • Power supply: 7–24 V (DC only)
  • Relay service life: 200,000 switch-ons
  • Voltage protection: min — 6.5 V, max — 36.5 V
  • Maximum load current: 5 A at 36 V DC, 13 A at 230 V AC
  • Maximum temperature protection: >+65°C at the place of installation
  • Protection class of body: IP20 • Operating temperature range: from 0°С to +64°С
  • Permissible humidity: up to 75% • Dimensions: 39×33×18 mm
  • Weight: 25 g

Effortless Operation:

  • Switches off automatically in response to voltage surge and overheating
  • Settings are restored automatically in case of power failure
  • Two-way communication with the hub for testing and configuring

Simple Installation:

  • Use the QR code to connect the device to the hub
  • Open the app to test connection quality, create scenarios, and configure device settings
  • Install the device inside connection boxes, electrical service panels, or housings of the electrical switchboards

Bulletproof Protection:

  • Device forgery prevention
  • Encrypted communication