Paxton Net2 Caller ID Reader


  • Supports any phone with caller ID enabled
  • No token requirement
  • Use with any Paxton clock & data reader
  • Quad band GSM
  • Attach to any Net2 control unit
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This reader allows any phone to be used as a Net2 token for access control. Typical uses include: opening gates/car park barriers, remote clocking in/out, securing communal entrances or infrequently visited sites, switching power on/off and remotely opening doors from anywhere. Like any other Paxton token, if the phone is lost or stolen it can be set to No Access, Lost or simply deleted from the Net2 system.


The Net2 Caller ID reader is connected directly to a Net2 control unit. A proximity reader can be connected in series if token based access control is also required. A SIM card is provided for the Net2 Caller ID Reader, but you can also use your own if you wish.


When a user calls the reader, it first receives the caller ID from the phone and passes the last eight digits of your phone number to Net2 which accepts this as the token number. The SIM has a monthly cost for management of £1.80, however, no data charges are incurred as the caller ID is sent without making a full connection.

2G networks supported only.