Hikvision Security Radar uses cutting-edge technology to precisely detect the position and motion trail of up to 32 potential intruders per radar.

Hikvision Security Radar is suitable for monitoring vast, exposed regions with harsh weather, and when the surrounding environment is too complicated for only video security cameras to be deployed. This cutting-edge technology is ideal for places such as ports, airports, and vast open industrial areas due to its dependability in all weathers, wide detection angle, and ultra-accurate intruder detection capabilities.

Highlighted Features:

Accurate detection over a wide area
The Hikvision radar pinpoints the exact position of possible intruders and gives direction, motion trail, and velocity using digital beam forming technology and a sophisticated analytic algorithm. Hikvision Security Radar can detect objects accurately across a wide angle of 100° and up to a distance of 120m.

High reliability
Because radar accuracy is unaffected by weather, it works well in conjunction with standard CCTV systems in situations such as rain, snow, or thick fog.

Visual intruder verification through video linking
Hikvision Security Radar can also communicate with up to four Hikvision PTZ dome cameras at the same time. When an intruder is spotted, this setup will not only sound an alarm, but it will also capture video to aid in visual verification of the intruder. This Hikvision-patented video linking system is unique in that it allows users to see, monitor, and record numerous pictures of targets at the same time, all while detecting their precise movements such as running, walking, crouching, and crawling.

Suitable for multiple applications
Since this Hikvision Security Radar offers several scene modes, it is suited for a wide range of applications. Shrub Mode, for example, is best suited to locations surrounded by deep forest since it filters out false alerts like shaking branches or heavy rain. The Open-Area Mode is ideal for large, open, and vulnerable locations such as ports. The Custom Mode also allows users to fine-tune settings to fit their own needs.

Flexible installation and easy connection
For simple installation, Hikvision Security Radar is compatible with a variety of brackets, including Bullet-PTZ mounts. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also supported, allowing users to simply plug and play.

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