Atlas V Surveillance Drone

A VTOL fixed wing with a 3.2 meter wingspan and a range of up to 150kms that can be deployed for any application that requires BOTH high endurance and secure and reliable long range communications to multiple command stations in real-time. Easy to assemble and be deployed by one person, in under 2 minutes. Ideally […]

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Armoured Vehicle Services

As South Africans, we know the daily dangers faced on our roads. From highjacking to cash in transit heists and want to ensure that you, your family and business remain safe. In partnership with Armormax, we together provide the solution to keeping you safe and secure from crimes, whilst in your vehicle. We service both […]

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Autonomous Drone Deployment

Skeyetech autonomous drones are designed for sensitive site protection. It provides around-the-clock service and security without human intervention.  Their system can be connected to any security network and provides real time video surveillance. Benefits: Superior Performance:With high quality electro-optical/infra-red sensors, these drones see better and further, in daylight as well as at night. Enhanced Security:From […]

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Thermal Perimeter Defence Systems

Thermal cameras are an excellent – and cost-effective – solution for intrusion detection and property protection. They work because all objects produce a certain amount of infrared radiation as their temperature rises.  It is possible to see heat zones using thermal cameras, which take advantage of temperature variations between objects to make invisible thermal radiation […]

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Introduction to Hikvision Security Radar

Highlighted Features: Accurate detection over a wide areaThe Hikvision radar pinpoints the exact position of possible intruders and gives direction, motion trail, and velocity using digital beam forming technology and a sophisticated analytic algorithm. Hikvision Security Radar can detect objects accurately across a wide angle of 100° and up to a distance of 120m. High […]

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Smart, Robust Padlocks

Manage a keyless system from anywhere in the world.

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