Skeyetech autonomous drones are designed for sensitive site protection. It provides around-the-clock service and security without human intervention. 

Their system can be connected to any security network and provides real time video surveillance.


Superior Performance:
With high quality electro-optical/infra-red sensors, these drones see better and further, in daylight as well as at night.

Enhanced Security:
From 0-50km in a matter of seconds - autonomous drones improve security services reaction time and ensure a deterring presence.

Human Safety:
These drones can quickly assess potentially hazardous situations, without jeopardising human safety.

Cost Effective:
The implementation of this system is usually less expensive than the deployment of large cameras networks and security officers.

Situational Assessments:
In the event of a security breach, the drone will automatically take off to the designated areas to identify the source of the intrusions and help the security team provide an appropriate response.

Perimeter Patrols:
They can also carry out daily scheduled surveillance missions and routine inspections of your site.

See the Skeyetech Autonomous Drone specifications here