Thermal cameras are an excellent – and cost-effective – solution for intrusion detection and property protection. They work because all objects produce a certain amount of infrared radiation as their temperature rises. 

It is possible to see heat zones using thermal cameras, which take advantage of temperature variations between objects to make invisible thermal radiation "visible."

Low or no light does not impact the thermal camera's image reproduction. Also, thermal cameras are less affected by weather conditions than visible light cameras. They may therefore be used in practically any location at any time. They can detect under any light environment, day or night.

Advantages of Thermal Perimeter Defence Systems:

Adaptable: Day or night, thermal cameras can capture images despite adverse environmental conditions such as darkness, strong light, backlight and haze.

Distance: Thermal detection has a considerably greater range than optical cameras and requires fewer components to install.

Visuals: Thermal cameras can readily detect intruders and possible hazards that are otherwise undetectable to standard cameras.

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