Sera4 Lock 50mm Shackle


Keyless Hardware

Armoured Padlock

This industrial padlock comes ready to be monitored and controlled from your Teleporte network.

Sera4 Smart Locks Data Sheet

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Lock Only

Minimum Maintenance:

  • Easy to install tether mount point
  • Long battery life with fail-secure option to power by USB

Hardened Design:

  • Engineered for harsh environments and weather conditions
  • 10mm boron and stainless steel shackle
  • Chrome plating for corrosion and cut/drill resistance

Real Time Audit and Control:

  • Real-time access control with bank-grade digital security
  • Integrated sensors to meet audit requirements
AP3S – Activation +1-Year Teleporte Subscription R4,733.39
AP3S – Activation + 3-Year Teleporte Subscription R6,259.12
AP3S – Activation +5-Year Teleporte Subscription R7,426.99