Sera4 AX5-i-R

Keyless Controllers


Transform almost any electric lock into keyless locks connected to Teleporte

Sera4 Smart Locks Data Sheet


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HW only with 2V/1A Power and Standard Harness and 1 sensor.

Redundant Design:

  • Dual backup power support
  • Integrate up to 3 sensors with easy installation

Secure for Enterprise:

  • Only unlocks on short-range proximity requests
  • Encrypted with 192-bit ECC

Choose your Lock:

  • Choose any type of lock that better fits your needs
  • Easily make it smart by integrating our controller
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AX5 – Activation + 3-YR Teleporte Subscription Enquire
AX5 – Activation + 5-YR Teleporte Subscription Enquire



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