ATLAS T Multicopter

A tough, lightweight solution designed for quick deployment and mobility. Flight times of up to 80 minutes with rapid swapping batteries, giving you more time in the air than any other battery-powered platform

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ATL-V – Atlas-V (UAV) Electric VTOL, Atlas-V VTOL Fixed-wing Aircraft (Excludes Base Station)

The Atlas-T Aircraft has a 3.5hr flight time that can be equipped with:

  • Remote Laser Gas Detection
  • Day/Night Sensors
  • Auto Object Tracking & Geotagging
  • Long Range Antenna tracking System, options for 20km (1W0 and 150km (8W)
  • Remote Field Pack Antenna System

Engineered with highly efficient motors and props, providing a low noise footprint for discretion and stealth. Built-in safety features as well as redundant systems ensure convenient and safe operation in varied environments. Multi-payload support, robust technology, and strenuous field testing enables the system to meet your demands.


  • Flight time of 60mins+ with heavier payloads
  • Low noise footprint for stealth and discretion
  • Lightweight and rugged airframe
  • Multiple built-in safety features
  • RTL – Return To Launch
  • Dual GPS for accuracy of up to 5cm and navigation redundancy
  • Long, lightweight carbon fibre landing gear for harsh environments
  • Hot shoe for Gimbal, open LAN port for custom integrations
  • 28″ light carbon propellers for increased stability and response control
  • Custom motor KV for performance at your take-off altitude

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